What’s Your Why?



When you woke up this morning, what made you get up, get ready and go to work.  What made you stay up all night to make that project deadline and you don’t even like coffee.  You hate flying, but you faithfully get on that plane, trusting the pilot with your life.  Why did you push your child out of a moving minivan to make sure you arrived at work on time.  What made you miss dinner again?  It was the third time this week.  What made you take that promotion for more work and less money?  Why do you do what you do?  What’s your why?

In our maniacal pursuit of success, we rarely think about why we do what we do.  How often do we think about what pushes us past our previously perceived limits?  It is important for us to focus on what we do, but it may be even more important to focus on why we do it?  Our greatest performances will only occur when we know why we are doing what we do.

That arduous daily grind may not be as difficult, if we have identified what our why is.  Your motivation to succeed should be your own.  It can not be determined by anyone else.  Determining “why” is the most important part of your success pursuit.

What’s your WHY?!

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