Father’s Day

fathersFirst of all, I want to thank everybody for all of their Father’s Day wishes.  It feels good to be acknowledged.  I appreciate all the fanfare, adulation and praise that comes along with being a father on Father’s day.  Although I do humbly appreciate all the attention, I am sorry to say that it is entirely unwarranted.

It isn’t just Hallmark, unfortunately Father’s Day is a reflection of our society.  In today’s bizarre world, we believe we should be acknowledged for what is expected.  I am blessed to be a father, but I shouldn’t get credit for what is expected.  Being a father is my duty, my job, and it is what I am supposed to do.  I shouldn’t receive any fanfare, adulation or praise for what is expected.

It seems that we have become a society where we acknowledge the average, where we reward the regular, where we honor the ordinary.  There is no need to acknowledge me for something that should be as necessary as breathing or as natural as walking down the street.  It is my pleasure, honor and duty to be the best father I can be and no one should be thanking me for that.

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