Ray Rice and Kim Kardashian?

cheerleaderThis story has probably been talked about way too much and please forgive me for being a little late to the party. Needless to say, most people, except for a few miscreants, agree.  Ray Rice’s assault of his soon to be wife was childish, cowardly and gutless.  I wouldn’t be the first to argue that both he and the NFL commissioner should be banned from football.

It’s bad enough that Ray Rice assaulted his wife, but it’s unforgiveable that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t understand the severity of Rice’s actions.

There seems to be general consensus that the punishment didn’t fit the crime and that Goodell was understandably negligent.  But that’s old news and I apologize for reopening old wounds.

Although sensational, this story didn’t surprise me. This wouldn’t be the first athlete in any sport who turned on their aggression somewhere other than on the field.  Why shouldn’t Ray Rice be confused?  Most sports, except maybe synchronized swimming, are enhanced by aggression.

Our society supports this odd contradiction.  Sports contests are equated to great military conquests.  Aggression is encouraged, supported and even taught.  And when the lights go off, the aggression is supposed to miraculously be turned off too.

When I saw Ray Rice hit his soon to be wife (who could one day be my daughter), I felt like I wanted to vomit.  How could he treat a woman that way?  And then it hit me.  He treats women this way, because he was taught to treat women this way!

Every October the NFL “honors” breast cancer awareness month and women by wearing pink.  They strut up and down the field parading their pink socks, towels and gloves.  In the midst of their effort to honor, athletes run by scantily clad cheerleaders who cheer at any sign of aggression.

That’s the paradox. That’s where the NFL fails.  That’s where our society fails to “honor” our women, no matter how much pink they decide to wear.

Say what you want about Ray Rice, but part of his problem is part of our problem. As a society, it’s clear that we don’t respect women.  Like the NFL, women in our society are treated like commodities.  Both males and females have bought into this perverse paradox.  We should be mad at Ray Rice and Roger Goodell, but we probably should be just as angry at ourselves.

Don’t believe me, just ask Kim Kardashian!

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